Shawty establish a special section of the camera to improve image quality Phones

Think most smart phone companies, including Shaw, on account of the filming by the production company Sony leading in this area.

If we check the smart phone market, we find that the successful companies are the ones that rely on the same in the manufacture of cutting its phones, such as Samsung and Huawei; some thing the Apple TV, so we can say that what can be expressed in self-sufficiency can be the dream of every company, it seems that Shawnee is one of them.

I sent the CEO of the Chinese company, Li Jun, e-mail message to the staff of Shaw, stating that the company is working to establish a new section for the production of camera equipment for smartphones, he believes that photography is one of the most important advantages of smart phones modern, you’ll contribute to the new section in to make the phones Mi and Redmi future as the competition with the telephones company of adults.

Referred to to phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, which is the first phone with a camera background of the series Mi, has been made a higher high on the index of DxO, amounting to a total of 97, so that the community page just reached 101. With a dedicated team working to improve the quality of the image, depends from to achieve the results preferred.

With the approaching date of the announcement of telephone Mi 7, it seems that it won’t have a camera the production of the new section has the Shaw, however, rumored to come with a camera background of the double accurately 16 megapixel with Aperture f/1.7 stabilizer image optical Quad axles.

I must point out that most smart phone companies, especially Chinese ones, considered in its phones at the expense of the filming of the production company Sony leading in this area.

Message me and John to the staff of the Shaw.

Do you expect those to provide phones with a camera as competition with the section’s new? Share your opinion the comments.


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