Shawty Fire Phone Mi Mix 3 without the bump cameras front sliding

شاومي تطلق هاتف Mi Mix 3 بدون نتوء وبكاميرا أمامية انزلاقية

The company announced the Shawty from other phones Mi Mix 3 which comes with a full dialogue is almost non-existent, so you call the police for extrusion in the top of the screen by show the front camera by sliding from the back to the like system phones sliding that old, we were watching it from Nokia and Samsung by smartphones.

The user can easily enjoy full screen in front of him, and when you desire to get a photo from the front camera, it can pull the device to show the front camera.

And Mi Mix 3 screen of the type AMOLED screen measuring 6.4 inches and accurately 1080 pixels of manufacture of Samsung. Also holds 4 cameras, two of the steps accurately 12 mega pixels lens focus the wide lens as far as the filming of 960 frames per second according to the DxOMark site, the camera got 103 points, which puts him among the best phones evenly with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, there are two cameras front accurately 24 mega pixel with 2 mega pixel special light.

Mi Mix 3

The phone with a processor Snapdragon 845, also protects the sensor fingerprint in the back, but differently on the phone, Find X from the Oppo, there is no need for sliding the back of the phone when you open it. The phone supports fast charging technology and wireless strength of 10 watts and a battery capacity of 3,200 amp / hours.

And speaking of something more sophisticated in the phone Shao, is the presence of the RAM memory 10 GB with a storage capacity of 256 GB will be the price of 720$ is almost, there will be a version Bram 8 GB and internal storage space of 256 GB Beata priced at 575$ almost, next to another version at a price of 475$ with a ram of 6 GB and storage space of 128 GB.

The phone in 4G will be in China, but according to the company there will be another copy of the report of 5G in Europe with the beginning of next year, which means most likely upgrade the company for the processor to be Snapdragon 855 when launched.

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