Shawty has sold 10 million smart phone during the 10 months in 2018

Managed Shawty shipment of 90 million units of its smart phones in 2017 and reduced the company Happy by this achievement when announced earlier this year that it plans to sell 100 million smartphones in 2018.

Announced Wang Xiang vice president of the Shao that the Chinese company will reach its goal of selling 100 million smartphones in 2018 by next week. Despite the decline in sales of smart phones worldwide, the Shawnee reached its goal two months before the end of the year which will give them the impetus for further gains.

While the police didn’t know Chinese yet any official figures, we believe that the Shawnee are shipped 10 million units on average per month, which means it is able to easily reach 120 million units sold at least 2018 taking into account the holiday season, which usually go up in sales numbers by a large percentage.

It is worth mentioning that shawty unveiled days ago for a phone of its flagship Mi Mix 3 as the first smartphone with memory random capacity of 10 GB, which may be an additional reason to increase the sales of the company during the remaining few weeks of 2018.

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