Shawty hold to buy with a Light to apply the technique of camera in the smart phones

Company held Xiaomi a new partnership recently with the company of Light, aimed to the development of the technique of cameras in the records coming from smart phones.


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Experiencing the smart phone industry rapid developments in the technology of cameras up to level cameras professional sometimes, a lot of companies to support the new versions with features more in the technique of the camera to form a source of attraction for the users.

And Shaw is one of the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone now, so you can see the technical cameras through a new partnership recently held with Light, where the aim of Shao the development of a new technology depends on advanced computing, to support possible versions of the company.

Also provided in accordance with this partnership to launch new versions of smart phones with the camera on which live up to the performance of DSLR cameras professional.

Recall that the technique of Light in the multiple cameras already used in the version of HMD last Nokia 9 PureView, also held Light deal with Sony to develop multiple cameras in smart phones.


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