Shawty I don’t intend to remove the ads from the interface of MIUI

The firm revealed Shao Chinese recently they shipped up to now more than 100 million phones within the series, Redmi Note, and that there are more than 80 million users are happy one of Use own MIUI.

Include Shawty well their popularity and user base growing. Thus, the advertising display one of use helps in achieving additional earnings.

These practices didn’t fit the users who have reprimand the Chinese company and into frankly, the presence of advertising and the recommendations of applications one of use, where the problem of ads hurt the user experience full. However, don’t expect to choose these ads any time soon.

In a statement recently, said the official Indian market buy Shawty that the company will continue to show ads which are part of the business model of its platform, citing companies such as Facebook and Google who said that they had built their business through advertising.

I don’t see Shao to show ads to an unfair practice, but it will maintain certain quality standards, so the ads is not a problem and does not affect the user experience UX for users interface MIUI.

Continued official Indian market from talking about the plans of the interface of MIUI, where he said that “a lot of people are confusing declarations and recommendations”, indicating that the company may be started in display random ads in the past and has narrowed, confining these declarations on the form of recommendations, but still too much product on the user interface.

Source: LiveMint

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