Shawty intends to double the number of its stores in Europe to 150 stores

Plan a significant expansion of the company intend to Shao, China and their application in the countries of Europe, where it plans to increase the number of its stores true in the Old Continent by about three-fold to 150 stores by the end of the year.

In Europe there are currently 50 stores continued to buy Shawty, come expansion plan this in harmony with the harvest companies to the Chinese auction market share of European. In the last quarter of last year were Chinese companies, such as Shao. Huawei and Vivo OnePlus controlled a third of smartphone shipments to the European continent, and of course Huawei is not the largest share among fellow Chinese.

No Shawty the opening of more stores in Europe and America back to the different nature of distribution in the United States which rely more heavily on telecommunications companies makes it difficult for Chinese companies to penetrate this market.

In addition there is the negative reaction by the US authorities especially the privacy of users towards Chinese companies and their penetration into the American market.

We have seen faced by Huawei and ZTE banned by CIA and FBI and Homeland Security.

On the other hand check Chinese companies growth in its business in Europe, where it is grown share Shawty 62% and Huawei 52% in the last quarter, while share fell next to Apple and Samsung there.

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