Shawty is preparing to launch a faster charger for phones

After long months of review and faster charging technology wired phones, the charger capacity of 100 watts, it seems that shawty ready to launch the commercial.

Currently, the fastest charger on the market is the Reno Ace of the company of the Oppo, where the capacity of 65 Watts, followed by the technique of Realty used in the X2 Pro to support 50 watts.

According to voice of the official from the Shao, the charger that takes advantage of the technology to Super Charge Turbo is capable of charging the battery of 4,000 mAh during 17 minutes, this means that a quarter of an hour of charging enough to spend the whole day on the phone. in most scenarios to use.

Some may think that the speed of shipping affect the dissolution and the battery, but this is not true, where processing of the batteries to share the techniques of the new shipment without problems, and safety tests to make sure that.

While I didn’t know Shao from the name of the first phone will the was projections indicate the flagship phone Mi Mix 4 who was said to have been cancelled, but often we’ll see an alternative to do not follow the faster charging technology by the end of 2019.

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Source GizChina

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