Shawty is preparing to launch a phone MI MIX 4 sensors Samsung 108 mega pixel camera

Confirmed the new leaks came from China on plans for Shaw to announce a phone MI MIX 4 during the next month, where it is expected to be the first phone to reach the market sensor Samsung 108 mega pixel camera.

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Use company Shao to launch the first version of smart phones which includes the sensor, the new Samsung possible to accurately 108 mega pixel camera, which is expected to be this version is a phone Mi MIX 4.

He pointed out Wang Teng in the earlier statements that the Redmi will be one of the first companies that offer phone sensor 64 mega pixel camera to market, so is expected to be issued Shao from the feature phone category, which applies sensor Samsung 108 mega pixel camera.

The phone Mi MIX 4 is the version of the candidate light sensor Samsung which was announced recently, to be the experience sensed in the first phones Shawty that apply soon to the markets, while some suggest tolerance of other to to phone Mi 9S is also among the versions of Shawty associated with the announced soon, but it applies with the support of contact networks of the fifth generation.

It is expected that the applicable telephone Mi MIX 4 range of the best specifications to the side of the sensor Samsung, including the processor chip Snapdragon 855 Plus, as some suggest is that this version comes with a camera built the bottom of the screen, also supports the charger and the capacity of 100W.


I know of

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