Shawty is seeking to sell 100 million phones in 2018!

The company Shao Chinese to smart phone market very quickly, to prove its presence locally and globally among large companies. Now it appeared the report about the company’s plan to sell 100 million phones this year. Could the Chinese emerging Neal what?

شاومي تسعي لبيع 100 مليون هاتف في 2018!

Shawty is seeking to sell 100 million phones in 2018!

According to lei Jun, CEO Shao, the company is planning to sell 100 million phones this year, an increase of 43% in sales of phones from last year that made the number 70 million phone only.

You seek the company of Chinese competition in the US market strongly with the rest of the manufacturers to other smartphones later this year or early next year, and in doing so met Shawty in the previously with American Airlines to discuss the sale of phones Shawty, advertising and promotion in the United States.

Also leaked news about the attempts Shawty sway the United States government and gain the confidence to achieve Shawty replace Huawei and ZTE which have been the problem with the American government the financial period, because of the doubt the last that the two companies were spying on their own citizens in favor of the Chinese government in Beijing.

Earlier this year, warned government officials and American consumers to buy pcs Huawei for fear that they could spy on American consumers and businesses.

As for how to finance the phones, Shao my next subject the company to raise funds through public offering in order to help them increase the production of smart phones and abroad. Earlier this month, there was talk that the company will sell its shares anywhere between $ 65 to $ 70 million through an initial public offering will be held soon of the next month will be the inclusion of the stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

Will Shao on following in the footsteps of her sister, Chinese Huawei, which managed to reach the second position globally in the years numbered?

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