Shawty know officially about the bracelet Mi Band 4 with a starting price of our

The company announced the Shao official the latest versions of the bracelet were smart Mi Band 4, which apply a color, with Assistant virtual, the price starts from a dollar.

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Make Shawty bracelet Mi Band 4 Today with three models, with NFC technology color screen, which features screen size 0.95-inch AMOLED screen color characteristic accurately display 120 in the 240-pixel, with a protective layer of curved glass 2.5 D.

How come the bracelet with the number 77 Thi Color Flow used in the allocation of trade favorite, also provide Shawty number 8 of the ligaments separate to customize the bracelet design is preferred, with tie design, Avengers.

Also apply a bracelet Mi Band 4 Number 6 of the axle sensor to measure the delivery and support track the precise steps of the user and sports, besides the tracking feature of the user during the exercise of Swimming also.

Also supports the bracelet water resistant at a depth of 50 meters, and supports the user also in command of his skills in training swimming, is also among the new features provided by the Shawnee in the smart bracelet in the built-in Microphone Supports assistant Xiao to receive voice commands.

Users can Mi Band 4 control smart devices in the home through take voice commands, or control smart devices compatible with the bracelet also.

Also supports a bracelet Mi Band 4 heart rate monitoring, with follow-up of the user during sleep, and also Bluetooth 5, as confirmed by Shawty on that the battery can support a user up to 15 days in a model that supports NFC, or 20 on other models.

It is planned to apply a bracelet Mi Band 4 colors black, brown, blue, orange along with pink color, also available is the flagship model priced at $ 24, while comes a model that supports NFC at a price of $ 33, the issuance of the Avenger special price of $ 50.


I know of

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