Shawty know officially about the phone Mi 8. here’s all the details

The company was founded Shawty in 2010, and is now celebrating 8 years of existence the launch of her new smart phone Xiaomi Mi 8, and the notes in the new phone that represents a continuation of the approach of the Chinese police over the past years which helped her in a few years to occupy the fourth place in the smartphone market and has companies Maven, such as LG and Sony and HTC and many others.

We can say that the company Shao I thought from the outset to the principle of imitating the successful but cleverly, because they work in the field of Android system, and can imitate its competitors in this field such as Samsung, imagine she said to herself, why not bring the iPhone to the Android system at the lowest possible price, was in each year come with very similar phones to the iPhone but running Android.

Finally, the Xiaomi Mi-8 is no exception, if we look at the phone that announced by the Chinese company today officially find his like iPhone X, but with android, the phone offers the same structure with the corners of the rotator, and the screen with the extrusion dual rear camera, so that the default wallpaper used kitchen colors wallpaper phone Apple. All at a price less than half the price of the latter with a specification not provided by the Apple natively. In the image below a comparison between Xiaomi Mi 8 and iPhone X.

Returning to today’s event hosted by the Shawnee in the city of Shenzhen China, the company announced the phone Xiaomi Mi 8 and specifications a minimum of on behalf of the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, Add to a bracelet-Mi Band 3, and version X of the interface the user’s own MIUI 10.

If you follow the news Shawty recently, we can say that all the leaks I heard were true, the phone came with the same design of boat and specifications.

Come to the screen of the Xiaomi Mi-8 with bump you can, similar to other phones from companies like Huawei, oneplus, hide it. It includes under it the earpiece and the camera, in addition to facial recognition technology through the camera infrared.

And the phone Processor type Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Screen Type AMOLED, led by 6.21 and cabled and accurately 2248×1080 pixels, to add to the battery capacity of 3,400 mAh, the front camera accurately 20 megapixel, Rear Camera Dual accurately 12 megapixels for both, with a Lens Aperture of f/1.8 assist and f/2.4 respectively, which support the installed image of an optical quad-core.

And Shawty photographs her new phone I got a total of 105 on the index DxOMark superior to the iPhone X and Mi Mix 2S. But the Council, shown on the DxOMark site that it’s got the total capacity of the 99 is superior to the best phones of Apple, but it is behind several phones such as the Galaxy S9 Plus from Samsung and HTC U12+ and my phone Huawei P20 and P20 Pro.

Offers phone Xiaomi Mi 8 new Random Access Memory “RAM” size of 6 GB, and 64/128/256 GB of internal storage space, which is the that supports GPS navigation dual frequency that provides precise optimal in tracking, a technique that does not provide by Samsung and Apple.

The price of the phone, it will stop at a rate equivalent to 421 $ for 6/64 GB, at a price equivalent to 468 USD for 6/128 GB, at a price equivalent to $ 515 for 6/256 GB.

But before we talk about the Xiaomi Mi 8 recall that the previous leaks revealed that there is a version with the back heal of the phone. Today, the company announced officially about this special edition, which bears the name of Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition, are that they provide random access memory “RAM” size of 8 GB and 128 GB of internal storage space, then the calculation of the footprint comes under the screen, the price is equivalent to 577 USD.

Do you see all of these specifications and the low price too? However I thought Shawty in to provide you a copy of the phone specifications minimum at a lower price, namely the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE that comes with the Processor type Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 instead of Sears 845.

The learn Snapdragon 710, which comes with a processor with graphics Adreno 616, that is reserved for upper intermediate of smart phones, but it provides capabilities not only exist in the phones high specifications, such as artificial intelligence and quick performance.

And Xiaomi Mi 8 SE the same design as the Xiaomi Mi-8 but with a screen measuring 5.88 inches and accurately 2244×1080 pixels, in addition to a rear camera with 12+5 megapixel and the front camera is accurately 20 megapixels, battery with a capacity of 3,120 Millie ampera/H.

Will phone Mi 8 SE at a price equivalent to 281 USD ratio 4/64 GB, price starts from 312 USD ratio 6/64 GB.

What do you think about the specifications and design of the phones, Shao new? Share your opinion the comments.


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