Shawty know the start of the development of the interface MIUI 11 unique design

Company noted Shawty in the declaration to him recently about the start of the development of the user interface MIUI 11, they offer the next version of the user interface design with improvements to make the experience of doing the best in development, also supports the new design for smart phones possible to display full screen.

There is no doubt that the rapid development in the design of the screens of the smart phones also require the development of user interfaces to conform to the features of the new show, and to also make full use of the display in full screen.

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I have started a company Shao already developed interface MIUI 11 according to this development, which followed the design of smart phones, where confirmed Liu Ming on the company’s plans to develop the fact that will not be available for some older versions of phones Shawty like phone Mi 5 and Redmi Note 3 Proعلى example.

Also still MIUI 11 at the time of the current under development of the Shaw, however, the company emphasizes the advantages of the new design in the next version of the user interface, where it is expected that official announcement in the second quarter of 2019.

It is worth mentioning that shawty made several features in the current version of the user interface MIUI 10, which comes from feature to support scrolling on the full screen, with improvements in the list to reveal the latest applications and activities used on the phone, also updated the interface to conform with the larger display in the screen possible to discover the slightest trace, so paid Shawty in June of last year for all users.


I know of

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