Shawty learn about the transfer service files New like AirDrop in collaboration with Oppo and Vivo !

Announced Shaw officially announced the launch of a range of Inter-Transfer Alliance in collaboration with both the Oppo and Vivo, so as to create a service to transfer files directly like service AirDrop famous of Apple.

شاومي تُعلن عن خدمة نقل ملفات جديدة تُشبه AirDrop بالتعاون مع أوبو وفيفو

Shawty learn about the transfer service files New like AirDrop in collaboration with Oppo and Vivo

The new service is still in open beta, and based her idea on file-sharing comprehensive images and documents and videos between all devices of different manufacturers directly fast and easy.

According to the company, will not use your file sharing service new a lot of battery life and will not be used data connection 4G or the application of outside, only will be based on Bluetooth technology.

It will provide the service transfer speed for files speed speed to 20 Mbytes/SEC, which means that the possibility of the transfer of Full Movie 720p between phones in less than two minutes!

Featuring the new coalition currently Xiaomi and Oppo, and vivo only, and Shao more phone manufacturers to join them, surely we will see the signs of the subsidiary companies of the three such as Realme and Redmi in the new service due to the presence of a company of their mother in him.

Xiaomi و Oppo و vivo

Xiaomi and Oppo and vivo

Then the name “Inter-Transfer” is a rough translation for the Chinese name which is used by Shawty up and may be using the name of another on a global scale, we will monitor with you the news of the new service in the topics to come.

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