Shawty make a bracelet Mi Band 3i in the Indian market features a lower price of $ 18

The company announced the Shawty in the Indian market today for a bracelet Mi Band 3i smartphone, which is applicable without the heart rate monitor, with the level of the lower pricing up to $ 18.

Apply a bracelet Mi Band 3i smartphone design try the main version of the smart bracelet Mi Band 3, except that the new version changes the About feature heart rate monitor, while the new version screen AMOLED size 0.78 inch, with display in black and white and has a display resolution of 128 in 80 pixels.

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Comes button possible with multi-touch at the bottom of the bracelet Mi Band 3i, to present to the user a new method to the interface that the smart bracelet, while come the back of the smart bracelet with two-pin Pogo charging the bracelet.

Also supports the smart bracelet is a follow-up user activity throughout the day, as working on the follow-up status of the user during sleep, and also supports user alerts, with the application for notifications, and support to locate your phone and open it, it alerts with vibration.

And the bracelet Mi Band 3i Call to the phone over Bluetooth 4.2, the application of Mi Fit on the phone, where are collected the user’s data and Information clear viewing in the app, which supports the user to read a string, convenient to operate, and it is estimated that the available bracelet Mi Band 3i for sale right now on the website of the company at a price of $ 18.


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