Shawty make fun of Apple firmly in a distinctive new

After the company Apple to disclose its phones new, it is clear that shawty wants to exploit the situation in any way. The Chinese company has made available a new offer in China through the e-store where carries the show, three names are XS XS Max XR the same the names of the phones Apple’s expensive new price.

And both of these offers to get the phone from three phones and they are Mi Mix 2S Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE in addition to your laptop, Mi Notebook smart bracelet Mi Band 3 Bluetooth headset and it’s all the same the price of the phone parallel from Apple. Can’t deny that this show is strong and clear message to users, for phone you get all this not as a comparison but just as real!

In spite of ridicule from Apple but that the company Shao is more company in the world has increased by phones of the company in terms of design and even in terms of the interface of MiUI based on Android system, this did not make the police retreat from the ridicule of the Apple this strong at this time.

Certainly quality is of the most important things always no comparison between things in the quantity, but the quality of Apple phones always equated with the phones Android at least where you have other phones specification the best.

The company was Shao has launched the latest phones PocoPhone F1 which comes to slide a Snapdragon 845 at a price equivalent to $ 300 in China with some fractures in other states. He raised the phone Pocophone that comes from a new company pop-up of Shao-the name of the POCO a lot of controversy during the recent period has also been compared to phone Huawei competitor price Honor Play which comes SIM, Huawei’s latest Kirin 970 is priced at not up to $ 300.

Perhaps the competition on the version of the phones slides better and low price are suitable health from all aspects of where it will be the consumer is the biggest beneficiary of them. We have not seen until now what are the schemes Poco how will the company next to the phones that already exist which are not few in number and owning a company different strings.

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