Shawty make headset Mi 2 wireless router Wi-Fi 6 with a TV in the European market

Launched Shawty phones Mi 10 in the European market having made handsets in the Chinese market previously, also launched to the European market headset Mi 2 wireless router Wi-Fi 6 with a TV sized 65-inch.

The company stressed that shawty in its recent expansion in the market of smart devices that rely on an internet connection, which now includes more than 213 million connected around the world, the company also announced the launch of the headphone Mi Earphones 2 Wireless on the market the European version of the global markets of the headset Mi AirDots Pro 2 made in China during the month of September.

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The headset Mi TWS 2 engine size of 14.2 mm, it also supports Bluetooth, 5.0, and supports audio LDHC high precision, and includes two microphones to cancel noise, it also supports wireless speaker pairing automatic with phones Shawty one MIUI, also supports the automatic stop buffering when removed from the ear.

Also supports the phone feature gesture control to play music, or answer and receive calls, or activated digital assistant, come to heaven at the age of charging up to 4 hours, also supports the clipboard charging via USB port-C, which add age of charging up to 14 hours of music playback.

It is planned that you’d expect to hear Mi TWS 2 in the European market starting from April 25 at a price of 80 euros, that are available in white only.

Also announced Shaw for the launch of the router AX3600 Wi-Fi 6 in the European markets, which comes with support 2976 MB per second, with multiple antennas, it also has a Qualcomm Processor Number 6 of the nuclei, with 7 of the antennas, independent antenna dedicated to listen to smart devices that rely on an internet connection, also featuring Spirit Master Number 6 of the amplifier and the external power.

Can for your router AX3600 Wi-Fi 6 that supports the pairing number 248 device, is also available for sale in European markets starting from July 15 at a price of 120 euros.

Also announced Shaw for the launch of a TV, Mi TV 4S the size of a 65 inch European markets, where the device features with LED, supports display resolution 4K, also supports HDR 10+, and MEMC, and features a framework of aluminum, and features two of the speaker’s capacity of 10W.

Also features Mi TV 4S the size of a 65 inch with the support Dolby Audio, and DTS-HD, it also comes with a storage capacity of 16 GB, with the memory random 2 GB RAM, and it concerns Android 9 Pie.

It also features a Mi TV 4S the size of a 65 inch Bluetooth Low Energy, also supports the call Wi-Fi dual-frequency, it features 3 HDMI, with 3 USB ports, and the risks of AV, with the Ethernet port, it also comes بChromecast built-in support watch the quick video, and slips for sale in the European market on the 15th of June at a price of 550 euros.


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