Shawty make phone Mi CC9 with Mimoji with the performance characteristic for low light

Applies phone Mi CC9 within days with a feature Mimoji that supports customization of a range of tools, also supports Shaw this version with photography in low light with the best performance.

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You Shawty to launch released the first of a series of phones Mi CC New after two days, where the focus in this particular series on the application of the cable car, and new made the giant Chinese more details on the features of the next version Mi CC9.

And the Shawty this version with Mimoji that are trying to feature Animoji made of Apple phones, the iPhone, or feature en Emoji made from Samsung.

The Shawty Get they offer the advantage of Mimoji with customizable toolbar includes 165 of hair styles, and faces to the side of the accessory to choose from and customize the preferred form to the user, that supports this feature still images or video recording.

Also offer Shawty Mi CC9 Meitu in conference CC9 law, that supports technology artificial intelligence in pattern photography portrait support higher performance in low light shooting.

Recall that shawty reviewed in the video clip imaging technique in low light with a camera phone Mi CC9 possible to accurately 32 mega pixel camera and compare it with the export feature in the low-light camera selfie phone the iPhone, where version Shawty Mi CC9 the best performance in the filming of the portrait in low light with details of more accurate and the brightness is higher.


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