Shawty open larger stores by formal in the Middle East!

Opened Shawty largest official store in the Middle East in the Giza Governorate of Egypt in a ceremony witnessed presentation of the latest products of the company and some of the offers we have in addition to the distribution of gifts to those present.

شاومي تفتح أكبر متاجرها الرسمية في الشرق الأوسط!

Shawty open larger stores by formal in the Middle East!

The store is located in Mall of Egypt in 6th of October city in Giza, and had seen the concert launch of the phones Redmi Note 5 and Mi Mix 2S and the phones are announced by Shao recently in the Egyptian market.

The store displays and also the rest of the products Shawty different in addition to Accessories official, and the event is considered the culmination of the rise of the force made by Shao over recent years in Egypt as a result of the price competitiveness of its organs.

Can Shawty to achieve a successful experience in China – the home country does not – and also India, and you want to clone this successful experience in the Middle East, and to say Shao with the opening of several museums official other in 2018.

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