Shawty patent for a distinctive clamshell design, folding

The company recorded Shawty in the Office of the CNIPA in China of intellectual property rights to the design of a clamshell folding smartphone.

Revealed the schemes of the patent Shao, the design of a clamshell folding smartphone differs from Motorola made the phone to its recently announced RAZR.

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Compensation schemes and patent your cell phone Shawty for the month of August of 2018, except that the patent appeared in the recent period after the announcement of the official Motorola phone RAZR.

And the schemes of the patent Shao from the design for the design of the box when folded, with dimensions long when you open the phone, also when you fold the phone screen shows a small, rectangular in shape, while the other half of the phone settings dual cable external control, also includes full phone car interior in the top frame when you open the screen.

Definitely still patent Shao in the planning stage at the moment, may also not move to the development phase soon, only that the appearance of the patented Shaw and insist on a new direction in the design of smart phones folding style Motorola RAZR.


I know of

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