Shawty patented phone with a camera inside the screen

Maybe smartphone manufacturers focus on two things right now more than others, the first is the support of networks of the fifth generation in their phones and the second is to solve the problem of extrusion Notch and substituting radical, and with regard to the second condition explained Shao has robust plans, where today registered a patent for the first telephone from the police with a camera inside the screen.

كاميرا داخل الشاشة In Display Camera
Phone Shao with the camera within the screen In-Display Camera

The company registered a patent for for the new day, although the company has not placed any phone of phones next would come with this feature but we expect to have water mix 4. The new technique will be a camera down the glass of the screen actually won’t take any space or pixels of the screen, below share your illustrations for a patent Shawty new:

كاميرا داخل الشاشة In Display Cameraكاميرا داخل الشاشة In Display Camera

As you can see from the graphics lecture physics that the phone will come with complex techniques to adjust the lighting distribution on the pixels of the screen which covers the camera so as to evaluate the performance of imaging reasonable so that the camera itself will be covered with a number of layers.

There is no doubt that the new technique of Shao is in fact amazing and beautiful, but most of what we hope for from Shao or others is properly implemented without affecting the camera’s performance or the performance of the screen and the device as a whole!

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