Shawty put her phone Mi Max 3 in Egypt, you know the specs and its price

Introduced Shawty Xiaomi, yesterday, the latest phones Shawty Mi Max 3 (Xiaomi Mi Max 3) in the Egyptian market, a phone that features a bigger battery alert processor and the most powerful cameras, the latest compared to the previous generation.

There is a telephone Shawty Mi Max 3 as “strong like a park”, it is characterized with a battery 5,500 mAh battery with a time reserve of up to 474 hours can double their such as Power Bank, with a width of 6.9 inch dual camera 12-megapixel + 5 megapixel camera with artificial intelligence and a camera and processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 636.
The availability of telephone Shawty Mi Max 3 in Black, sold at a price of 5,222 pounds, which is working memory, a random (RAM) with a capacity of 6 GB and internal storage space with a capacity of 64 GB.

Screen $ 6.9 inches to use a smooth one-hand

Screen phone Shawty Mi Max 3 $ 6.99 inches, by 9:18, and a resolution of up to 2160 × 1080 FHD at the rate of 86.15%, which is higher than the phone Shawty Mi Max 2, what means that Mi Max 3 offers a larger screen than its predecessor without a significant increase in the size of the body of the phone.

The big screen is ideal to navigate through GPS and stock trading applications, office productivity – they are particularly suited to tasks such as editing documents and spreadsheets.

Features phone Shawty Mi Max 3 body metal with the lines of C are hidden actions of the elegance, painting the back of the phone pointed naturally towards the four aspects, what prevents the body look skinny. Thanks to the aspect ratio of 18:9 the company, can hold the phone in one hand and place it properly within the pocket.

A huge battery 5,500 mAh can be used as a bank for

Features phone Shawty Mi Max 3 greatest card in all the phones Shawty, the battery capacity of 5,500 mAh, up to 10 hours of gaming nonstop and 17 hours of broadcast local video 233 hours of music playback.

Next to the battery mega phone supports fast charging T-M 3.0 by Qualcomm, as well as shipping available, means that many of the streams and charging working at the same time, for fast charging avoids excess heat. The charging unit 9V / 2A 18W with each unit can provide battery 5,500 mAh from 0 to 71% in just one hour.

With improvements to the operating system MIUI like the function of Smart Scenes, the phone Shao Mi Max 3 user habits and rubbed the sleep mode automatically at the time of sleep, which closes background apps and unnecessary communication to the internet, which significantly improves the mileage of the electric Luma Max 3.

Moreover, you can use the phone Shawty Mi Max 3 as the battery, with the production of a developer of 5V / 1.2 A. efficiency of the battery of the phone is the poor efficiency of the previous generation, where you can recharge phones and friends in case of emergency.

Platform support Snapdragon 636 to play with artificial intelligence

Telephone Shawty Mi Max 3 powered with Snapdragon 636 from Qualcomm, which is based 14 nm technology. The four major centres of Qualcomm crane T. M. 260Qualcomm KryoTM 260 to experience the game excellent. Thanks to improvements Shawty your A games the most popular, the product can complete a smart watch the games and allocate system resources to maximize performance. Water Max 3 can run popular games such as Arena of Valor and PUBG in the FPS High without lag.

At the same time the Shawnee modify the interface of MIUI for the best games using the screen of Mi Max The Big 3, including the discovery of the touch screen is not intended to, and auto answer calls while playing, and hide the button for the screen, and view instant messages in the context of images.

Best dual camera properties artificial intelligence AI and light Silva soft for the front camera

Equipped phone Shawty Mi Max 3 cameras background of the properties of artificial intelligence AI is first class. Need sensor the main 12-megapixel on the pixels of a large $ 1.4 µm microns and can capture more light, which leads to get better detail and noise reduction. It is also powered by Focus automatic binary pixels that contain two diodes optical per pixel to calculate the light that reaches the sensor – leading to quicker autofocus, even in low light.

Telephone Shawty Mi Max 3 is also equipped with the function of the “Scene Detection”Technology Intelligence الاصطناعيAI, which can detect 206 scenario in the 25 category, with the application of the revision of the immediate health meet great.

Even one lens, of the camera front 8-megapixel camera to make impactful realistic depth of field thanks to the characteristic bouquet with artificial intelligence AI bokeh effects. And compares the camera with the light of the selfie light for the coolest selfies.

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