Shawty reveal its competitor phone Redman K30 Pro 5G at a price of $ 425

شاومي تكشف عن هاتفها المنافس K30 Pro 5G بسعر 425 دولار

In the new round of fierce competition in the smartphone market and company Shaw about her new phone with the high-end and low price compared to competitors K30 Pro.

The phone comes aboard as for K20 Pro as police fired in the Asian continent Mi T9 Pro in Europe, where put on the market last year and was well received demand from the users and reviewers of the phones.

Comes Shawty K30 Pro new full screen command 6.67-inch AMOLED display with support HDR10+accuracy 1080 pixels with a refresh rate your monitor is 60 hertz which makes it less of competitors of these people with fit on the front camera popup.

K30 Pro

The phone’s rear camera comes running quad prime lenses accurately 64 mega pixel lens wide (ultrawide) accurately 13 mega pixel camera and a macro lens with 2 mega pixel lens zoom 5 mega pixels; and as I explained to the police van, a camera phone is able to zoom in hybrid the ability 30X.

As for video capture, the camera supports recording sections strictly 8K, the device supports standard water resistance IP53 protect NFC and Wi-Fi 6 can be a battery 4.700 amp supports fast charging via USB port of Type C capacity of 33 watts.

The inner gear of the phone comes with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 which is named, Of course, techniques touch fifth-generation with the support of the random memory 6, and 8 GB memory internal storage 128, and 256 GB.

Price awareness in the market

Will start the launch of the phone in China first and then in India and perhaps may reach the European continent in the later as its version of the former; in will price version (6GB, 128GB) internal memory and random, respectively, $ 425 is a suitable price already with such high-end specs; the coming version K30 Pro Zoom (8GB, 256GB) about 565 USD.

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