Shawty reveal its new phone Mi Play my daughter’s carousel is priced at 160$

شاومي تكشف عن هاتفها الجديد Mi Play بنتوء دائري وبسعر 160$

The company revealed a shawty about her new Mi Play today introduction to it, with a new of the extrusion to a circular shape similar to the diameter of the water shows clear in the interface of the phone; but it seems different than what we have had during the year in phones, both the Huawei and Samsung, the phone has a screen measuring 5.84 inches and a resolution of 1080*2280 pixels and the edges of relatively prominent, and Mi Play cameras backgrounds Mustafa Derwent vertically like the iPhone X first accurately 12 mega pixel and the other with 2 mega pixels as well as sensor fingerprint located on the back of the phone.

And Mi Play processor MediaTek P35 memory random 4 GB and memory internal storage 64 GB, the phone is offered the flow of the color options are red, purple, and the price is as stated in the title, 160$ is considered very suitable to the specifications of the phone and the qualitative, which is devoted to the women of Shaw; and that vary significantly from phone launched by the company recently Mi Mix 3 , of course, who enjoys a higher specification and better options and different design free extrusion but it starts at a price of 475$, the Movie looking for a phone for the price modest specs and at a rate commensurate with the chip average for the Mi Play is an option that could meet the demand.

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