Shawty reveal its revenue has doubled and acquires company apps selfie Meitu

شاومي تكشف تضاعف إيراداتها وتستحوذ على شركة تطبيقات السيلفي Meitu

The company announced the Shao the Chinese from the height of their revenues and profits significantly during the second quarter of the current year, growth reached 49% during the quarter. This has been exploited by this declaration about the control of the company to develop apps selfie Meitu.

Can Shaw achieve net profits reached$ 357 per million, a very significant number to talk about the modern company made most of its sales in China and symbolic of the right of expression, where the rate of profit in the devices does not exceed 5%, this profit came from the sales amounted to 7.3 million, including$ 5 million for smart phones.

After the announcement of these results, the company paid approximately 10% of the net profits to buy Meitu which you develop apps selfie to take advantage of the possibilities of the various cameras and give the images a touch of beauty, as also the development of phones carrying its brand with the advantages of different camera.

And Shawty through this step to increase the use of services more than products, in order to expand the proportion of profits while maintaining a steady climb in sales through low prices, which helped her to sell 100 million phones last month two months prior to the end of the year which is expected to hit that figure.

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