Shawty reveal phone games Black Shark Helo memory ram 10 GB

شاومي تكشف عن هاتف الألعاب Black Shark Helo بذاكرة رام 10 جيجا بايت

A few months after the launch of the phone by custom for games Black Shark, announced the Shaw on a new version of phones games on behalf of the Black Shark Helo, the company hopes through these women to bring more users with its great possibilities.

Will the Black Shark Helo processor Snapdragon 845 but it will come with RAM memory up to the capacity of 10 GB unlike the previous phone that has Ram 6 GB as the highest estimate, as it protects the phone internal storage up to 256 GB.

Black Shark Helo AMOLED

Add great other compared with the previous version, is that the current phone protects the screen of the type AMOLED 1080p, and the measurement of 6 inches and hesitantly 60 frames per second, on the counterpart of the previous phone, which contained on the LCD.

As for the camera, the Black Shark Helo brings rear camera, double accurately 12 mega pixel girl shutter f/1.75 lens other precisely 20 mega pixels, it also brings a front camera with 20 mega pixel with shutter f/2.2.

Black Shark Helo speaker

The phone comes which carries a distinctive design with hear my stereo by two battery capacity of 4,000 Milli-amp / hour, as it protects USB C thus supports Fast Charging 3.0, next to his support of protection via a fingerprint, the presence sensor below the rear camera. It also protects the console by two games.

Recall that there are two versions of the phone memory RAM 6 GB or 8 GB, with internal storage space with a capacity of 128 GB, but it will come with a cat control side just one is priced at about 460$. Any less about 140$ from the basic version of the Bram 10 GB.

The unfortunate thing is that this phone will be available for purchase China, according to the company, but hope is always present in it in other markets later.

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