Shawty reveal phone Mi Mix 3 after support by 5G

The company announced the Shawty Chinese, proposed by the world fifth generation 5G, phone Mi Mix 3, which supports wireless networks the most sophisticated, but at the lowest possible prices, according to information provided by through the detection of released new.

Mi Mix 3 and V

Many people know the company Shao Chinese, as a of months the institutions that work industry sophisticated smart phones, without the cost users too much, where it seems that the water is positive for the company going with her even with the announcement of the phone to its advanced booster for the fifth.

Indicated the Chinese company large to it is launching telephone Mi Mix 3 5G show, after that he was supportive of the networks of the fifth generation, with the reserved value of price is not high, will not increase for 599 Euros, the equivalent of $ 680.

The specifications of the phone after the amendment

Introduced Shawty some changes to the phone Mi Mix 3, which has already been and issued to the markets in the month of October last year, where he is now working through partner Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, with modem X50 5G, which is the modern world booster for the company, in order to provide the speed performance of the Mi Mix 3 5G, which gave Shaw a promise is the ability for users to upload a video clip up his time for 15 minutes and accurately 1080P, in just one second.

Protects phone Mi Mix 3 5G as well as some of the other specifications are possible, comes in the introduction to its AMOLED screen, with 6.39 inches, reveals selfie camera via a sliding mechanism to manually impressive, as the phone comprises Random Access Memory 6/8/10 GB, and a storage capacity of 128/256 GB, mark on the 2 rear camera accurately 12 mega pixel camera, 2 camera selfie accurately 24/2 mega pixel camera, with a battery capacity of 3200 mAh.

As for the the issue phone Mi Mix 3 5G markets, it is certain that the month of May next is what will be the appearance of his light, both at the mi official, or through stores Shawnee main, note that it will appear a solid color, they are blue and black.

In the end, will not be Phone Mi Mix 3 5G of Shao is the sole owner of the feature support the network of the fifth generation, where he is waiting to reveal to other companies like Oppo and Huawei Woo Plus, for the same technical hobby by the law, is expected to increase the competition between several companies in the next phase.

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