Shawty talking with Oppo and Vivo to develop a system to share files wirelessly between their

I started Shao my work with my company, Oppo and Vivo on the development of a system that helps users phones three companies to share files between them wirelessly.

شاومي تتحد مع أوبو وفيفو لتطوير نظام مشاركة الملفات لاسلكيًا بين أجهزتهاShawty talking with Oppo and Vivo to develop a system to share files wirelessly between their

Said company Shawnee on account of its official Chinese social network WeChat, she began working with Vivo up to develop a system that allows users to share files between them wirelessly vary depending on the type of device. Which means that all systems or interfaces of the three companies based on the Android operating system will contain the file transfer system new.

Owns Shawty interface to use MIUI on have the Oppo ColorOS, Viva FuntouchOS who will work together through the new system.

The company will the specific protocol allows data transfer between devices is fast and complimentary, without the need for Bluetooth, the way in which Apple system AirDrop and other other companies that allow the transfer of files between devices, the company itself only and not to all companies.

According to what was published by the Shawnee, the new protocol of the user will help the users to transfer files at a speed of 20 Mbps.

As the company said that the tripartite alliance can be expected in the case of offering other companies to join this partnership that helps users.

It can be said that the purchase of three of the major smartphone companies in the world will make a big leap in the field of file sharing.

Google was trying to develop a similar system to share files on the Android system for years, specifically with the launch of Android version 4.0, but because of the different companies that you think the system was unable to do so, as she thought on the NFC feature which will be decommissioned in the Android system Q, instead will Google add the service Files that depend on Bluetooth. But talk about a way to move the fastest, easiest files, the the Chinese alliance is considered more effective than the idea of Google, especially with the speed provided by the protocol used.

Referred to file sharing feature Rapid is built on the feature in Google Play, which gives Chinese companies the strength to start the project.



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