Shawty you create a department dedicated to develop cameras and phones!

The company announced the Shao Chinese recently about her phone Shawty Note 5 Pro who dubbed him the company that holds the best camera. However, a lot of users phones and Shawty noticed the lack of quality of the camera especially the front, and spread chatter about phones Shawty as the worst of hand photography!

شاومي نوت 5 برو

Company aims Shao always to reduce the cost in the phone industry so you can compete with other companies, and to seek always to provide the best technology At the cheapest prices, but all this came at the expense of the quality of the cameras own hobby its upsetting its users.

And now came the reply from the police on this attack, the establishment of a department dedicated to develop cameras.

According to the latest reports, the Shawty is working on the establishment of a specialized department is working on improving the capabilities of camera phones and add new techniques to it, so the company can compete with the best images captured by camera phones.

The report said: “the company decided to create a partition to separate camera within the smartphone, and aim with the resources of the company to build intelligent cameras capable of capturing quality images universal”

Recall that Shao achieved considerable growth of the financial period, and the opening of new branches in Europe and the Middle East, and was able to under the fourth place globally in phone sales for the first quarter of this years and the Chinese level of development of the same until you find its place center companies big phones.

Who do you think you will be Shao in the competition over the next few days?

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