Shawty you know about laptop RedmiBook with AMD processors

Next to the declaration of Shawnee on phones Redmi 8 new in the market Chinese and Global had also announced a laptop RedmiBook new which will detect its specifications in full in the 21 of October and definitely will continue to keep you timely!

The new device will come with processors Ryzen from AMD rich from the definition that not came the previous generation of this case with the Intel processors in significant change for the company, perhaps some readers may think that this wrong decision of Shaw due to Intel’s notable however that the truth is not, where that AMD processors have achieved growth and excellent noticeable in previous years.

Of the main reasons the intentions of the Shawnee to adopt AMD processors Ryzen in their computer the rule is that the company want to allow their organs at low prices and attractive as usual, this will only be achieved with the processors-Ray store because it is Cheaper a noticeable difference from the Intel processors that offer the same performance.

During the conference has not yet been announced unfortunately for AMD processor that will come in RedmiBook next only to expectations and reports suggest he came with the processor Ryzen 5 3550H a quad-core processor is superior in terms of price and frequency until 3.7 GHz and of course the machine will come in several versions, each of which comes with the specification of different internal.

Source: Gizmochina

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