Shawty you know about the bracelet-Mi Band 3 at $ 26

Comes bracelet Shao e-The New Mi Band 3 After the great success of Mi Band 2.

The company announced the Shao day Thursday for the second generation of the bracelet-Mi Band 3, during the event, held in the city of Shenzhen China, which was focused on the announcement of the new smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 who came to celebrating 8 years of establishment of the company.

After the great success of Mi Band 2 with its very low price, comes the Mi Band 3 as his successor builds on that success with maintaining the most basic functions, such as counting steps, measuring heart rate, in addition to the possibility of telephone answering.

And Mi Band 3 OLED display value of 0.78 inches with a resolution of 128×80 pixels. It connects to devices via Bluetooth 4.2, it boasts a battery with a capacity of 110 Milli-amps/hour, an increase of 50% compared to the battery of Mi Band 2. That the device supports NFC technology, allowing you to use his state e-mail wirelessly.

And Shawty the device, waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters, provides 20 days of battery life, comes with belts interchangeable in different colors. It will be available for sale choice of 5 next June at a price equivalent to 26 us $ only, the version of NFC will understand the price of 31 USD.

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