Shawty you know about the Redman Joe the first phones operating Android Joe at a price of 90 $

The company announced the Shawty from the first phone running the Android atmosphere specially designed for phones cheap price with specifications low bass Shawty Joe, where phone working by issuing 8.1 Oreo Joe is targeted category of users of little communicate and use the internet as your phone has the applications of light stabilizers in advance.

In that the specifications of the Redman Joe doesn’t learn the basic needs he has a screen measuring 5 inches accurately 720p, in addition to a camera background accurately 8 mega pixel camera front 5 mega pixels, and works processor Snapdragon 425 with Ram 1 GB memory internal storage 8 GB with the possibility of providing him with a memory external also, has the phone battery with a capacity of 3000 Milli amp and the price of the phone, of course, is subject to the pricing of this category at least$ 100 at a price of 91.5$.

The Chinese company will launch the phone at the earliest opportunity ممكنm on the European continent, but without expressing any scheme, to be delivered in the United States, or identify other areas that your target company is an global atmosphere.

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