Shipments of personal computers grow to about 70 million units in the third quarter

Started PC market is gradually recovering after years of declines, where the second quarter saw growth in shipments to total brows sent the markets and the more than 68 million units.

According to figures from the enterprise research and analytics Gartner the market grew by about 1.1% to the total cargo of 68 million PCs and Lenovo in the top of the standings and then came the Americas, hp and Dell.

For at the corporate level, the big three who control two-thirds of the market has achieved growth in their shipments compared to the same quarter of last year, while Apple and ASUS of the leading decliners.

This growth in the PC market during the third quarter to what is known as its update Windows 10 and the company after the proposed end of support technical security for Windows 7 by January 14, 2020, the more companies have challenged the edges of it with a new one and Windows 10.

Not dutiable U.S. imports of Chinese influence, but was limited, but if you increased fees in the future they may lead to a slowdown in global shipments.

Recall that the foundation of research and analytics IDC have estimates a little higher where the Refer figures to the global market growth of about 3% to the total shipments to 70.4 million units with the survival of the same order except the entry of the Aesir, instead of the Asus in fifth place which in turn experienced with Apple leading retreats.

Continued PC market retreating for six consecutive years, and the situation began to improve last year where there was a period of apathy and after the retreats and end of the year for.

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