Shipments of phones Sony go down to the record level in the first quarter of this year

Sony Xperia 1

As you all know probably, he put the Sony in the smartphone market hasn’t been good in the last few years. And this is reflected on the company’s shipments in the previous quarter. Decreased shipments of smart phone of Sony to a record level in the first quarter of this year.

The company had stopped by charging up to 10 million units in its fiscal year ending in March 2019. After that, the company has reduced this figure to 9 million units and then to 7 million later. In the month of January of this year, I decided the Japanese company cut that number back to 6.5 million units. This already is the number of smart phones that enable Sony of shipped in the first quarter of this year.

Compare this to 40 million units that have succeeded Sony in shipped during fiscal year 2014 will get an idea of the extent of the difficulties faced by the company in the smartphone market. It is by dividing the numbers on the Four Seasons travel, we get more details about the company’s problems. Reportedly, Sony shipped 1.1 million smartphones in just the first three months of this year.

No wonder that the section of the smart phones in the company continue to hemorrhage money, it’s lost to now about $ 869 million USD. Try Sony corrected the situation during dispense of staff and reduce expenses by 50 percent in order to improve the conditions section of smart phones. However, it remains to be seen whether Sony will succeed in it or not.

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