Shipments of smartphones decline globally by 1.8% in the third quarter


Confirmed a new report from IDC that shipments of smart phones may have slumped globally in the second quarter of the current year 2018 (April to June) increased by 1.8% compared to the same period of last year. And I got a shipment of smart devices Globally to 342 million devices.

The soil turns for the second consecutive year, smart phone shipments globally fell 4 times only historically, and the market seems to have started up to the stage of saturation, with growth slowing in emerging markets. Samsung retained its position as the largest provider of smartphones in the world and managed the shipment of 71.5 million phones and the decline of more than 10%.

This time she came to Huawei, the Chinese in second place for the first time ever and managed to shipped 54.2 million phone, the apple of America has managed to charge 41.3 million iPhone. Followed by Xiaomi of China, which managed the shipment of 31.9 million phone. Xiaomi overtook a while ago on the Samsung in the Indian market and are now competing fiercely in the Indonesian market.

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