Shop Google Play now supports notifications for games

متجر قوقل بلاي يدعم الآن إشعارات لفعاليّات الألعاب

One industries huge money these days is the world of games mobile phones, and don’t forget the purchases within the games that turn huge profits, so that the games the likes of Fortnite and PUBG make their way now to the phones to get a piece of the cake, in another topic entirely which often this kind of games events or activities.

Now shop Google Play called tide notifications for events, games, and in the page “”my own one”, and very simply feature this new feature that they provide a brief summary of the event for the promotion for the install.

To be this feature is intended primarily for games from the store Google Play, and despite having applications in various fields in addition to the games, but we as we said this feature is intended for games, but the future can we see in the application and specifically when it comes to moving from trial version to official version.

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