Shop point call mobile app to enhance the shopping experience

The beginning of this year has officially been the opening of the store point specializes in selling phone accessories original. In an attempt to enhance and improve the shopping experience of visitors to the launch of the mobile app the new, which gives the user many services advantage in connection with the review and purchase products directly through the app.

Store is point your gateway towards the original products that come with a guarantee agency official in Saudi Arabia, so that needs to store many of the products related with interior accessories phones and disbelief of covers headphones AirPods and the rules of phones, banks and power amplifiers, headsets and more.

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Here are some of the most prominent organizations that are characterized by the store:

Making machine espresso coffee mobile: product detail from here

ماكينة تحضير اسبرسو متنقلة

Machine to prepare the espresso of these work to heat the water up to 90 ° C, and weighing 860 grams, it is equipped with a tank of water 50 ml and prepares 9 cups espresso capacity 5 ml.

Power bank capacity Capacity 20100mAh the entrance of the electric company RAF Bauer: product detail from here

 راف باور - بنك طاقة

Comes a power bank that the dangers of AC capacity 65W: tremendous ability to provide enough power to charge the GoPro devices and laptops and any home computer to my work efforts to 110V.

  • The input of Type-C and iSmart USB: allows the input of the charger to charge your MacBook with any other device at once.
  • Compact and portable: battery cells of high density and convenient to carry it in the bag with ease.

Vava – Voom 27 – 5-in-1 Bluetooth alloy and the scrambled wireless: product detail from here

 فافا - فوم 27- 5 في 1 بلوتوث سبيكر

Provides wireless charging for all devices that support fast charging Qi, and provides the clock a digital clock, as well as Bluetooth and alloy, radio and more.

June – the carrier strips 7 in 1 is very useful for travel: product detail from here

 يونيك - حامل شرائح

Portfolio segments the Sim وMicro SD, go to any place on your travels with the portfolio of slides that ensure you stay connected no matter where you are in the world.

Buy the store also to a group of brands is large, which you find here under the list of brands in the lower-left corner (the Arabic version).

The user can pay by several different ways including:

  • Cards over
  • Credit cards: Visa and Mastercard
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash on delivery (fee)

Store application point is now available for download through the Store App Store andGoogle Play.

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