Shop point call the application his official schedule on my platform Andorid and iOS

Store launched the point of application to his official schedule on all of my platform Andorid and iOS support users ‘ shopping experience special.

Burn store a point in Saudi Arabia to support the users always have the best experience to where between the the highest standards of products, with the credibility of the organization to ensure the agency’s official in Saudi Arabia, in the framework of the efforts of the store to satisfy users and keep up with the digital development was rapid, the store launched a point of the official app on the store Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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The application provides point the new experience effective for all users in the kingdom to become the middle of the store and search for the preferred product for the user, with ratings supports the user in quick access to favorite him, also due to the user finds all the information and details about each product, while ensuring the agency’s adopted home in Saudi Arabia.

Also the application can support the user with better information about your favorite products to that are available with offers and special discounts from the store, is also available a special page of products the most best-selling in-store point support user access to the favorite products of many users rapidly.

The best possible products in the store and apply the points

I am known store point array of products and brands distinctive and favorite among a lot of users, is among the featured products have a lot of visitors to shop points highlight the following products:

Cessna – making machine to prepare espresso mobile

A machine to prepare espresso heats water up to 90 degrees Celsius.Weighing 860 grams, with tank water 50 ml and prepares 9 cups espresso capacity 5 ml.The machine operates on lithium batteries, where is McCain a Cessna perfect choice to support users in any location due to the size of the small, which facilitates its mobility in the car or work or trips also.

Power bank Capacity 20100mAh the entrance of the electric company RAF Bauer.

Outlet AC ability 65W : tremendous ability to provide enough power to charge the GoPro devices and laptops and any home computer to my work efforts, 110V, comes the power bank the input of Type-C and iSmart USB.

Vava – Voom 27 – 5-in-1 Bluetooth alloy and the scrambled wireless

Vava Voom 27 – 5-in-1 Bluetooth headset and many of the nurses, namely: support wireless charging for all devices that support fast charging Qi, also supports the user to grant him a digital clock Bluetooth alloy radio, also features Vava – Voom design of the cloth.

June – the carrier strips 7 in 1: very useful for

The portfolio segments of the Sim and the Micro SD you can navigate to anywhere on your travels with the portfolio slideshow Jun that ensure you stay connected no matter where you are in the world.

Store and apply Point supports your products and brands featured

Collect store points and a range of products from the best brands, which ensures the user to buy the products reliable and enjoyable to the highest standards, and promoting brands for our products representative of each of:

Payment options available in store and apply the points

The application supports point the users shopping experience fast, fun and provides more of a choice of the state, and among the choices available to states in the application of each of:

o cards over the

o credit cards: Visa and Mastercard

o bank transfer

o cash on delivery (fee)

You can now experience these benefits by downloading the application point to new on your mobile, where the application point via the Google Play Store, as expected the application point also users of iOS devices.

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