Short video reviews the US design of the device tablet Galaxy Tab S4

Galaxy Tab S4

As all of you probably know, the company Samsung will hold a press conference on the ninth day of the month of August for the official unveiling officially for phone tablet flagship product the Galaxy Note 9, but is expected to be also in this event the official unveiling of the tablet’s flagship Galaxy Tab S4. With the approaching date of the official announcement, I began to more leaks related to these devices make their way to the site, and now we have a leaked video of this device tablet.

Reveals a short video of the New a period of 10 seconds that the device tablet Galaxy Tab S4 not featuring button key for and that all four tires of the company will be the thinnest of the ones in Galaxy Tab S3. Moreover, this recording reveals to us also that there is one camera with LED flash at the back, which confirms that Samsung does not plan to use the sensor of the fingerprint in Galaxy Tab S4.

And, apparently, the Galaxy Tab S4 will feature a screen size of 10.5 inches and will be the interface background of the glass as it will color at least two, namely white and black. And, apparently, has been the filming of this tablet in the Chinese shop, and that is what alludes to the fact that China will be among the first markets that will get this device.

When it comes to technical specifications, it has suggested a report recently that the tablet Galaxy Tab S4 will have Super AMOLED display Size 10.5 inches and accurately 2560×1600 pixels, processor and eight-core class Snapdragon 835, and the random size of 4GB, and internal memory size of 64GB, as well as a front camera accurately 8 megapixels and background accurately 13 megapixels.

Furthermore, it was suggested that the report that the tablet Galaxy Tab S4 will also battery with a capacity of 7300mAh, amplifiers and audio rate by the company AKG leading in the field of audio devices, and various techniques of wireless connectivity, including WiFi and Bluetouth 5.0 and GPS. As you can expect, the tablet Galaxy Tab S4 coming well in advance with the Android Oreo and interface Samsung Experience 9.0.



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