Shortcuts when working with an external keyboard on the iPad. Everything you need to know

Despite the fact that Apple has long positioned its line of professional tablets as a complete replacement of the computer, many users still refer to the iPad with skepticism — not recognizing it. However, it is safe to say that for undemanding tasks iPad is more than enough. Especially if you connect an external keyboard.

In iOS 9, along with the debut of the iPad Pro first generation system now has full support for keyboard shortcuts. Accordingly, to obtain instant access to certain functions much easier. Many of the keyboard shortcuts have been borrowed from macOS, so if you have previously worked on Apple computers, is not difficult to learn basic combinations. Focus on them more.

How to invoke Spotlight?

To access search, just click on Command + Space. In order to return to your previous app, you need to re-hold down the above combination.

How to get back to the desktop?

Despite the fact that the system has three options return to the home screen, we will talk about another — using a combination of Command + H.

How to switch between applications?

Using Command + Tab, you can call up an alternative multitasking panel. In order to switch to the desired item, hold Command and using Tab or arrow keys on the keyboard to select the desired application.

How to invoke the touch keyboard?

This can be done by pressing the ESC key. This can be useful for special characters — in addition, the on-screen keyboard can be used as an extended clipboard if you have installed a specific application.

How to make a screenshot?

In addition to the usual combination of buttons “Home” + “Power”, there is another way — using a combination of Command + Shift + 3.

How to learn all the shortcuts that are in the program?

IOS has a very useful feature that allows you to learn all the keyboard shortcuts for the current application. You only need to hold the Command key for a second, then we can see a window where will be shown all the available combinations for this program.

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