Shorts : reply YouTube on the application of the Tik Tok in 2020

Shorts رد يوتيوب على تطبيق تيك توك قي 2020response YouTube on the app tick tock leadership 2020

Shorts is a new feature to skip network YouTube to offer through their main application, which is what I believe his response Google and YouTube to interact sweeping between the circles of the adolescents to develop tic-tock.

Tik Tok appeared in China in 2016, and put it on a global scale in 2018, and on one of the massive popularity that reached out, especially among teenagers .

(Shorts), according to a report published recently will be having a huge music library that is licensed on the Auto will allow the content creators use it as a voice support their video clips, a feature important for YouTube.

Shorts YouTube

According to what WordPress will provide this feature by the end of 2020, but this is a very long time will spread bigger and develop the Tick Tock, which has already been used to the plight of the corona current to its success .

It was (Tick Tock) has become a goal for many of us attacks, claiming the adoption of privacy Taro, and Chinese company behind Tara again .

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