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Android smartphones the functionality is significantly inferior to computers on ChromeOS, Windows 10 or Linux. And we are not able to release the stack of software that is unavailable on Android, to make the system competitive. With the growing popularity of ChromeOS as a system, which is something of a cross between a mobile system and desktop Android can go into the shadows. However, he’s leaving now, even in a recent presentation, Google never said the word “Android”. The system though is 80% of the market, but may not offer consumers something radically new.

However, we can still fix it, but only slightly. What is the main difference between desktop Linux, MacOS or Windows desktop Android? Right! The ability to place not only app shortcuts, but also folders, text documents and any other files.

Shorty allows you to quickly and easily publish files of any format to your desktop for later quick launch. So now to open any PDF file or word document optional open file Manager or any app, you can single click on the desktop to open the file we need.

In order to place shortcuts on the desktop, just click the “Share” button and choose in the list Shorty.

Among the shortcomings note that while I failed to place the desktop files. With the latest update the developers added the ability to place shortcuts of Gmail mail. By the way, on the desktop you can also post links to tweets and posts from other social networks.

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Application: Shorty
Developer: Michal Mroček
Category: Work
Version: 1.0.1
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 132 human

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