Shows the appearance OnePlus 6T

It prompted me to write a short article on the subject information that the smartphone Oppo R17 got the 3C certification in China. It says only that it will be presented in China in the course of a week.

After the release of the Oppo R17 all news sources will undoubtedly begin to write about what the OnePlus will be a 6T version of the Oppo R17 for the international market. And they are right, as the Oppo R series have always been released to the OnePlus flagships and the flagships of these rulers were always very similar to each other.

In the past Oppo R15 became the basis for the OnePlus 6. In the case of OnePlus 6T the situation, I’m sure I’ll repeat (perhaps in overconfidence). OnePlus 6T, and if not will a full copy of the R17, at least, there will be a lot like him.

Oppo R17 as follows:

Nothing like? That’s right — brought to mind the OnePlus 6. Remember the news about OnePlus 6 had a lot of options back cover? So, in R17 “delivered” gradient color back cover. This suggests that OnePlus decided to leave delicious for later and present a very cool color with the release of the OnePlus 6T. Besides, what is the minimum cutout in the display.

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