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6T OnePlus will officially unveil in new York on 30 October this year. The appearance of smartphone has already leaked and known to all. Known and the characteristics of the device. The smartphone will be equipped with Snapdragon processor 845, the fastest charging in the world and a scanner below the display. However, even before the release of 6T, we know how it will look OnePlus 7.

OnePlus is a subsidiary of Oppo, so the OnePlus smartphone are based on the Oppo devices. The basis for the OnePlus 6 in the past was the Oppo R15:

And the basis of OnePlus 6T, for example, will the Oppo R17:

Thus, OnePlus 7 will be based on Oppo R19, whose appearance appeared online. The smartphone looks like the following:

Amazing, isn’t it? This is probably the most ideal solution for us to integrate front-facing camera. Many who wanted to buy the OnePlus 6, expected output 6T. Now they probably will postpone the purchase 6T waiting for OnePlus 7. Although, it is worth noting that OnePlus 6T is still a great option, because the eyebrow in the form of drops is not so much conspicuous.

Probably OnePlus 7 will be equipped with Snapdragon processor 855, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB of flash memory, scanner below the display, which will also be installed in 6T.

OnePlus recently happy, the company can be called reference Android manufacturer. Yes, Huawei sales is a major player in China, but from the point of view of sympathy for the OnePlus device is the first.

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