Shows the concept of flexible smartphone ZTE

ZTE may release a competitor to the flexible smartphone Samsung Galaxy Flex. Where information? Here is a reference. Now let’s look at the patent in more detail. “As you can see, the smartphone looks similar — very similar — on the Galaxy Flex,” as many would say, but not me. The smartphone is similar to Galaxy Flex for one simple reason — we are talking about a standard form factor, in the future all phones will look this way, so consider flexible ZTE phone like Galaxy Flex, we will not.

The concept of the company demonstrates the form factor introduced earlier by Samsung. On the front side is the display, and having opened the device we will meet the second display able to unpack. But it is worth noting, the back panel of the device resembles the device Samsung. Besides internal display has trendy rounded corners that will receive Galaxy Flex.

Of course, patents do not guarantee the release of those or other devices, however, is the first and most important step on the way to the release of the smartphone. The presence of a patent guarantees the company’s interest in the further production of such devices.

It’s amazing how the company continues to delight consumers with new products, given huge fines against ZTE and problems with the US government. For those who are not aware of the events, the company became part of the political resistance between the U.S. and China that led to the ban on the use of Android and other American technology in devices ZTE. Later Donald trump — Yes, it’s US President, commuted the punishment for selling devices in the territory of Iran and North Korea, so the company instead of a ban on the use of technology paid mnogomillionniy fines.

However, the worst is over, so in the future we will be able to find a folding smartphone. Most importantly, of course, is the price. Will the ZTE smartphone to compete with Samsung on this parameter?

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