Shows the first passenger capsule the Hyperloop Transport Technologies

It has been over three years since Elon Musk introduced the world to the futuristic design of the future transport called Hyperloop. At first the idea seemed fantastic, but we are getting closer and closer to the realization of the project. The technology has already passed more than one series of experiments, and recently the company Hyperloop Transport Technologies at the ceremony in Spain, presented its first passenger capsule, which can accelerate to 1200 km / h.

The length of one of the passenger capsules (which was named Quintero One) is 98.5 feet (30 meters), the cross section is equal to 9 feet (2.7 meters), weighs 20 tons and it can accommodate up to 40 people. According to available information, for the interior decoration of the capsule there are hundreds of variations, but they all look like the interior of a science fiction movie.

“We consider totally different interior concept that go beyond just the placement of the seats. This will be part of one of our future updates. “— said the Director of communications Hyperloop Transport Technologies Ben cook.

Mr cook also confirmed that capsule is the toilet, so apparently in some point of movement to stand and to move around safely inside the capsule Hyperloop. Capsules can depart from the platform every 40 seconds, allowing you to carry up to 164 000 passengers a day. After the demonstration, a new capsule Quintero One sent to France, where in 2019 will be built test track with a length of 1 kilometer.

Recall that Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is one of the two companies involved in the development of the transport capsules. First, in addition to launch capsules in France, plans to open a prototype of a Hyperloop track in Central California with a length of 5 miles, and her “sister” Virgin Hyperloop One in February 2018 has also demonstrated his concept of passenger capsules.

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