SHRIMP: tiny little robots-rescuers from DARPA

Miniature robotics is more interested in the big Agency world. For example, recently management of perspective research projects of the Ministry of defense (DARPA) has begun to develop miniature robots that will help to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters and not only.

The project was called SHRIMP (SHort-Range Independent Microrobotic Platforms) and developed in the framework of robots will be treated to the smallest type of these mechanisms. As reported by Engadget, their size will be no more insects. They are rather fast, maneuverable, can jump, fly, pick up items and carry out field analysis.

In General, the SHRIMP program is divided into 3 separate areas. The first two are responsible for creating the components of robots and batteries, and the third directly for the production of robots. For each area handled by a separate team of developers. Date of execution of the program 3 years and is divided into 3 stages (for each year). At the final stage, the teams will merge into one big, which will already be directly involved in the creation of the final product.

Program schedule of SHRIMP from DARPA

Moreover, as reported, during the creation of robots each team will compete in the related fields with each other to achieve the best results. For example, developers of batteries will experience a time of robots, forcing them to perform actions on the components of the movement, developed by colleagues in the Department of robotics. Or a “competition” to identify the best way to travel with races through checkpoints.

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