Sia prepares hardwork, which Bitmain will remain out of work. An update is imminent

The project team Sia updated the code for the mandatory hard forks. This is done in order to block the miners, who use the equipment Bitmain and other major manufacturers. Probably, thus the company is trying to resist the centralization of the project. Hardwork will hold on October 31. Founder and CEO of Nebulous David Vorik announced the release of version 1.3.6 of the code through the official channel in the shell. Nebulous is a commercial company behind the Protocol distributed storage worth 239 million dollars.

Vorik said.

All who wish to continue to participate in the Sia network, must install the update. This hardwork support all major crypto currency exchange.

Nebulous concerned about the centralization or private profit?

According to CoinDesk, a year of disputes in early October, the community of the blockchain Sia decided to support hardwork. After activating the new code rules mining and to receive remuneration in the network Sia will change. You will only use the ASIC-chips from the Obelisk – a subsidiary of Nebulous. So ASIC miners from the industrial giants of the industry Bitmain and Innosilicon already blocked in network Sia. Affected owners and less well-known “Asimov”.

We will remind, in January, Bitmain has released the AntMiner A3, specially designed for Siacoin. The company also added support for the token to your mining pool AntPool.

In his message, Vorik spoke about changes in the code that will allow you to resist the Sybil attacks. This attack allowed them to create fake IDs to get into the network. In addition, hardwork will help to protect against many other vulnerabilities.

What do the miners?

Miners that do not support hardwork, the developers of the Sia proposes alternative update version of the code 1.3.5. This update was released simultaneously with 1.3.6 and only corrects a discovered security holes. Here deleted part of the code needed to hard forks.

“The only difference v1.3.5 from v1.3.6 is the absence of activator hard forks. So that you can safely upgrade to v1.3.5,” says Vorik.

Information prepared in Coindesk. More data look at cryptodata.

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