Signal steal 30% of its staff after the failure of its competition

The company announced the sins, which was founded by Andy Rubin innovative Android, lay off 30% of its employees.

Assumes that the company has 120 employees, it means layoffs of 40 staff members including sections of the gear, marketing and sales.

This comes after the failure of the seal competition fierce in the smartphone market cancellation scheme to launch a second version of her smart phone as well as stop the development of the domestic helper who was supposed not suitable Amazon’s Alexa standing home.

This decision was hard for us to take, we’re very sorry for the effect that will be on our colleagues who will leave the company, we will do everything we can to help them get other jobs, and we are confident that our products future will help us to provide something radically change in the markets

As we all know, Andy Rubin launched the telephone PH-1 during the past year, police full with note very small, but did not achieve the ticket sales due to the delay of its launch price, which was high at first, have the code repeated.

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Signal is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, since its inception, received funding by $ 300 million, has already spent $ 100 million to develop its first products, but they intend to continue and provide another phone soon described as it would be from the movies “science fiction”.

Source: Bloomberg the

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