Silicon Valley secrets to success

Landing pad tablet technical acceptance of entrepreneurs and the hearts of investors, a small bay south of the city of San Francisco in the northern part of the state of California, the U.S. knows the Silicon Valley Silicon Valley. It came out more techniques innovative and injected massive capital until the value of companies in this small bay offers teen dollars accounting for a third of the investments of the United States of America.

At first glance when I recall Silicon Valley comes to our mind companies shiny can, Facebook, aweber, and me, land and other of the shared life we daily better great. These companies no doubt have achieved spectacular successes made him a name in the tech world, but the truth is that might not be known to many people is that Silicon Valley is not limited to those companies only, but that there are thousands of other companies could prevent the success of her and her secrets and the story of success amazing and exciting. The other truth is that as much as there are successes, there are also failures in the failure and bankruptcy of many companies that -to my point – indicates the critical sides very large enjoyed by that part of the earth.

While we there, a button with some of those companies, and we met with some of its employees and talked with them, and during that, I was honestly looking for an answer for one question: What’s the secret to the success of the companies there? You know that every company varies according to its products and services offered by markets, this means that the secrets of success may vary, but you are sure that there is nothing in common between them led them to achieve such significant successes.

Facebook, aweber, Google LED passing through and accelerators work like 500 Statups and BootUp, it drew my attention to three things which is what I think it’s the secrets to their success and saw the staff of those companies, they refer to it during their talk with intent and without purpose.

First of those secrets is the culture of the company where he raised my interest in the extent of their attachment to the force by the detail that we’ve seen Glenn reflected on their behavior among themselves as Chairman or subordinate in their dealings with their customers.

Secondly, I saw in their staff deeply values the company, which actually constitute the most important factor while making their decisions, whether administrative, executive or even a business that determine the future of the company as a whole and its success or not.

Thirdly, it is true that the company culture and values are important, but I the secret of greatest success after we met and talked with the engineers at those companies and personnel departments of small, namely, to understand the full and complete of what the company and direction of the business and what you want to be in the future. This -view – is so great when you see a junior clerk in a huge company with tens of thousands of employees tells you clearly and accurately about what you want to be the company after ten years from now. According to those projections, works, workers and innovators in those companies that definitely unites their approach is very positive and makes them foot already in the competition.

Create companies great requires -definitely – great minds and high ambitions, research centers and the development and disbursement of money to create innovations, but this is only one part of the success story. If the police aren’t interested in-which is the cornerstone of success – invest in them to teach the culture of the company and appropriate its values and share its directions, I think they would lose a lot and a lot and this actually is the most important thing I learned from my visit to Silicon Valley. Valley.

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