Similar to China, Japan training, and restrict the time allowed daily for smart phones and games

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New report on the internet that the province of Kagawa of Japan, headed for the issuance of instructions restricting the period of time during which it is permitted to use smart phones and games daily for up to 60 Minutes a day of the week, 90 minutes a day on weekends only, in addition to the closure of phones at ten o’clock in the evening, for this approach the Chinese government which began it, with a view to avoiding addiction to the use of these devices from users.

And confirmed the report that no penalty currently for breach of these laws, however, the general outlook is that of the current instruction is the first step, and have been sent this proposal in the tenth of January, and will be able to residents of the province take the lead in their point of view before the next month which is supposed to be an app for any suggestions or amendments. If through this proposal, the application will begin with the beginning of the spiral of the schools in the month of April next.

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